What is tele-rehabilitation (virtual care) ? 

"Tele-rehabilitation (or virtual care) is the delivery of physiotherapy services at a distance, by an information or communication technology such as video conferencing, when an in-person visit is not possible. A client can expect the same safe, effective, and ethical care as an in-person visit and the physiotherapist must comply with all regulatory requirements." - College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

How do virtual appointments work?

At Anatomy Physiotherapy Clinic, each of our therapists are linked up with a telehealth platform. Prior to a client's first appointment, we provide instructions on how to proceed, including how to download the required software. As long as the client has access to a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop with a camera, we are in business!

Virtual appointments are also a great way for our therapists to see a client's home and/or work set-up, which will allow them to tailor programs specific to the space or equipment that is available to work with.

Regardless of the type of situation our clients are facing (e.g. self-quarantine during a pandemic, mobility issues, etc.), we can make use of our tech-savvy world to help!  

Are virtual appointments covered by insurance?

Most private insurance companies accept claims for virtual appointments, however we recommend that you please check with your specific provider first if you have any questions or concerns about coverage.

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