Optimal posture is achieved when your skeletal frame, joints and muscles work synergistically to allow your body to move in the most efficient way possible.


However, improper posture can happen as a result of muscle groups becoming short (tight) and others becoming lengthened (weak) over time, resulting in muscle pain, join dysfunction and in some cases, spinal misalignment. Postural imbalances can also appear as a result of a previous injury, repetitive movements while playing a sport or by simply not recruiting (activating) the proper muscles.


As you know, every movement we make involves many muscles working together. Therefore, working with an entire muscle tension pattern will be the most effective way to relieve chronic pain and correct postural imbalances.


During your massage appointment, our skilled massage therapists will discuss your postural goals and create a treatment plan targeting the cause of your muscle imbalances to ultimately improve your posture, muscle and joint function, and to reduce any chronic pain that you might have.

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