Deep tissue is a massage technique where the therapist applies firm pressure in slow, deep strokes to target the deeper muscle and fascia layers. This technique helps alleviate stiffness and pain associated with chronic musculo-skeletal injuries.


Deep tissue massage is mainly used to break down scar tissue and trigger points or “knots” that can disrupt local circulation resulting in pain, limited range of motion and inflammation.


Before your massage, your therapist will ask you about your chronic pain and muscle imbalances to determine which areas to target. At the beginning of a deep tissue massage, lighter pressure is generally applied to warm up the area and prepare the muscles. At certain times during the treatment, you may feel local discomfort especially where scar tissue is present. However, let your therapist know if you feel pain as they may need to adjust their technique for your muscles to release properly.


Local heat application and rest are generally recommended following this type of massage to encourage prolonged muscle healing.

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