Dear Anatomy Physiotherapy Clinic valued patron,

We hope that you and your families have been well during this pandemic. We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely on a day-by-day basis, and are following guidelines set by the provincial government, as well as public health and professional associations. We have therefore been working tirelessly behind the scenes to re-shape how face-to-face appointments at our facility will take place once regular operations resume, and for the foreseeable future. Below you will find information on some (but not all!) of the policies and procedures that we will be following at our clinic to best ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

On that note, we are happy to announce that we can open our doors to in-clinic physiotherapy AND massage therapy appointments starting on Monday June 1st 2020. Welcome back!!!


Please call 613-680-4477 or email to book your appointment now and avoid a waitlist.

As we resume our in-clinic appointments, we will continue to provide virtual/online appointments for those in need. In order to best serve our community, we are proud to say that virtual care is an ongoing service that we will offer, even once the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.  

If you have any questions/concerns about virtual care or safety precautions as they relate to COVID-19, please feel free to contact us at any time. If we cannot immediately answer your call, please leave a brief message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Best in health always,


Your Anatomy Physiotherapy Clinic team


1) There is a pre-screening questionnaire for COVID-19 that MUST be filled out by clients on the same day of EACH and EVERY appointment going forward (until it is deemed no longer necessary by public health). The form will be sent electronically to each client prior to their appointment - examples of the questions can be seen below; 

































2) If a client is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, such as a fever, cough, dry mouth, loss of taste or smell, or is feeling ill or sick, we ask that they please stay home and re-schedule their appointment. There will be no cancellation fee applied.


3) Physical distancing measures will be in place at the clinic (i.e. 6 feet apart from others), with the exception of the treating therapist who will be wearing protective equipment (see point 5). 

4) Masks: clients are strongly encouraged to wear a cloth mask (or surgical if they prefer) to their appointment. Keep this phrase in mind, "my mask protects you from me, whereas your mask protects me from you." Following multiple precautions will increase the chances that your therapist will continue to be there to treat both yourself and others.

5) All therapists will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). They WILL be wearing a surgical mask and may also be wearing glasses, goggles, a gown, gloves and/or face shield, depending on the type of treatment being provided.

6) There will be a hand sanitizer station at the clinic upon arrival, and we ask that all clients please use it. If clients prefer to wash their hands with soap and water, they are encouraged to let the staff know. There is a sink in the treatment area that is equipped with a touchless soap dispenser. Towels will be provided for hand drying, and will be put into the laundry immediately following use.

7) We will not be able to supply slippers/sandals when clients arrive at the clinic. If clients would like to bring their own pair of indoor footwear, they are welcome to.

8) Washroom use: We ask that clients try to use the facilities prior to their appointments and once they get home, if possible. Need not fear though, it will be available if needed!

9) No one will be able to accompany clients into the clinic, unless they are minors and/or it is needed. If clients have to be driven to their appointments, we kindly ask that their drivers stay in their vehicle and do not enter the clinic.

10) Follow-up visits will be scheduled by the treating therapist before leaving.

11) We kindly ask that clients pay for services rendered using the tap option on a credit or debit card. We ask that clients please advise us before their appointment if this is not an option, and we can make other arrangements prior to the appointment.

12) All receipts will be sent electronically. If a client requires a summary of receipts, or each individual receipt printed, we request that this be done at a future date. Specific inquiries can be made by contacting the clinic ahead of any appointment.


There is a lot of information in circulation on the internet about COVID-19. The following are some of the resources that we have found most helpful during this pandemic (click the photo to go to source website):

Public Health .png
Public Health 2.png

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